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Virtex-7/6 ADC/DAC Modules for PXI Express Platforms


  • Key features:
  • • Higher channel count per board for improved inter-channel phase coherence performance
  • • Sampling rate range from 16bit@200MS/s to 12bit@3.6GS/s
  • • Complete DDC/DUC, Interpolation and channel summation IP blocks essential for SDR, DF etc. applications
  • • Multiple channel narrow band / wideband DDC supporting signal bandwidth from 2.5KHz to 240MHz per channel
  • • On-board Virtex-6 FPGA programmable by user and upgradable for Virtex-7
  • • Ideal for SDR, MIMO, Direction Finding and Beamforming etc. applications
  • • Improving performance of PXIe-based wireless communication test system for MIMO etc. applications
  • • Reducing TCO of your PXIe platforms
  • Dynamic C4 introduced its first innovative solution by using Pentek’s Cobalt modules in PXIe platform successfully. This provides PXIe platform users with a wider choice of complete IF/RF signal acquisition and playback products with high quality analogue dynamic performance. A single Cobalt module supports up to 4Ch ADC or 4Ch DAC; higher channel count per module improves critical system performances like inter-channel phase coherence in a wireless test system for MIMO applications, and reduces customer’s total cost of ownership for the IF part while retaining the RF up/down converters in the PXIe platform.

    All Cobalt modules as listed in product table can be used in PXIe platform.

    For product demo and product/pricing info, please contact us.