StreamRF Spectrum Analyze and Record Up to 8GHz, 18GHz and 27GHz


    StreamRF is an integrated RF Spectrum Analyze and Record solution, leaveraging thinkRF™ R5500 pantented RF Spectrum Analyzing technology and Stream250 IF Recorder. It covers RF frequency input from 9KHz up to 8GHz/18GHz/27GHz, and instant bandwidth up to 100MHz and 160MHz.

    Features and Specifications of RTSA R5500

  • - Frequency range from 9KHz to 8GHz / 18GHz / 27GHz
  • - Real Time bandwidth up to 10MHz/40MHz/100MHz and 160MHz
  • - Wide IBW with 70dB dynamic range, and narrow IBW with dynamic range of 100dB.
  • - Real-time Acquisition and Trigger Capability
  • - Fast Scan Speed
  • - Small Size Weight and Power
  • picture

    Fig 1. Real Time Spectrum Analyzer R5500 with spectrum, Spectrogram View and Persistance View

    Download ThinkRF R5500 RTSA and S240 RTSA Software for more info.

    Features and Specifications of Stream250 Record

  • - 4Ch 250MHz 16bit ADC for Recording
  • - Wide-band Digital Down Convert, BW = 3.125KHz to 100MHz
  • - >90dB SFDR
  • - Supports Recording in Real/Complex Mode
  • - Windows OS and NTFS
  • - Recorded into single or multiple files, and accessible by network
  • Features and Specifications of Stream250 Playback

  • - 500MHz 16bit DAC for Playback
  • - Playback in 1Ch Complex or 2Ch Real Mode
  • - 1Ch DUC with interpolation(2 to 64K) and programmable output IF up to 250MHz
  • - BW = 3.125KHz to 100MHz
  • Leveraging high quality and comprehensive signal acquisition products, Stream series offers customers a complete series of turn-key solutions for different sampling rate, channel count and resolution requirements. It supports Windows OS as standard, and Linux as an option. picture

    Fig 2: Fs=200MS/s, Fin=10MHz, SFDR>90dB, excellent noise floor

    In Stream250, it supports wide-band DDC in FPGA. In The data are saved in either real or complex I/Q format. with programmable DDC bandwidth, it can record user's exact bandwidth at designated tune frequency. picture

    Fig 3: DDC mode, Tune to 70MHz IF, 20MHz BW

    Stream Series Data Recorder and Playback Solution
    Product Description
    Stream200 Record and Playback 3Ch 16bit 200MHz ADC Record (with DDC)
    2Ch 16bit 400MHz DAC Playback(with DUC)
    Stream500 Record and Playback 2Ch 12bit 500MHz ADC/14bit 400MHz ADC Record
    2Ch 16bit 500MHz DAC Playback
    Stream1800 Record 2Ch 12bit 1.8GHz ADC Record
    1Ch 12bit 3.6Ghz ADC Record
    Stream6000 RF Record 4Ch RF Record/Playback
    Instant Bandwidth Up to 56MHz
    WaveGen1250 Playback 4Ch 16bit 1.25GHz DAC Playback
    StreamRF RF Analyze & Record RF Input up to 8GHz/18GHz/27GHz
    Instant Bandwidth up to 0.1MHz/10MHz/40MHz/100MHz/160MHz