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3U OpenVPX Subsystem

Ensemble 3000 Series OpenVPX System


    The Ensemble™ 3000 Series OpenVPX System delivers high-density, high-performance real-time processing in a 3U form factor, suitable for use in applications with space, weight, and power (SWaP) limitations. Ensemble 3000 Series solutions can supply advanced levels of computing to small sensor platforms operating in difficult conditions.


  • •Comprised of three module types: system controller hub (SCH), data-plane switch (DPS), and payload modules, which can include processing modules, I/O, carriers, or combinations of both
  • •Five types of independent planes: IPMI-based system management plane, Gigabit Ethernet control plane, high-bandwidth data plane for direct support of multi-stage processing, sensor plane with associated sensor control-plane interface, and daisy-chain expansion plane
  • •Compliance with VITA 46 and 48 standards (VPX-REDI), conduction-cooled versions
  • •MultiCore Plus® software environment, which offers application portability among Mercury platforms and incorporates open standards such as Linux® and the Eclipse™ IDE
  • •Mercury MathPack software package with algorithm suite, Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL), in single-core and multi-core (MC SAL) versions
  • Benefits

  • •Scalable computing power in a small form factor
  • •Suitable for operation in next-generation sensor platforms
  • •Rugged versions for deployment in harsh environments
  • •System flexibility from 5 types of communications planes
  • •Architected to meet OpenVPX™ design principles
  • Download 3U Open VPX Subsystem Datasheet